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CafeCorgi's News

Posted by CafeCorgi - August 12th, 2021

As the post states, classes are back in full swing. So if there is any little bits of art left, I may get them done and released. Otherwise, there will be some long days, weeks or months between posts. Thank you for enjoying what I have posted!

Posted by CafeCorgi - July 18th, 2021

I'll be heading into Summer Break for 2 weeks from nursing school on the 23rd of July. Will be so happy to finish up a few commissions, color and finish some personal art and share it all with you guys. Apologies for how long its been seeing things from me, I am not dead I promise, just a busy nursing student!


Posted by CafeCorgi - April 16th, 2021

Hello to all you wonderful fluffs and scales and other things. I'm slowly getting some art worked on and finished and releasing it slowly. Studying to be a nurse has eaten up a lot of my time, so new art pics can take a bit. Happy to see so many liking my art recently! Have a wonderful day all!

Posted by CafeCorgi - January 27th, 2021

I have four Whimsical Corgo Calendars available for sale still. $25 each, shipping is free within the US. 11 x 8.5 inch wall calendar with both hand sketches and completed digital pieces of corgi's being odd and whimsical. Comment if you want one!


Posted by CafeCorgi - January 6th, 2021

Okay, if I can get people to sound off if they are interested in buying a corgo sketch calendar from me, I can look to see what discounts I may get for bulk printing. Please email me at cafecorgi.studios@gmail.com if you'd be interested in getting a calendar. I am not asking for payments, just getting a head count for better print negotiating.

Posted by CafeCorgi - January 2nd, 2021

After receiving some requests for seeing my corgi sketches in a calendar for sale, I whipped up a little survey for anyone to take. This survey will help me see if there is enough interest to make calendars and what sketches and illustrations are wanted. Just click the link bellow to fill out the Google Drive Survey form I've created!



Posted by CafeCorgi - November 24th, 2020

Pokes muzzle into various dusty places. 

Just a few updates for you all that are still around to enjoy what I draw:

1. I am still alive so far and have managed to avoid COVID with my Screener job at the ER with one month left to survive work.

2. I have been accepted into a local community college to start training as a Liscensed Practicing Nurse (LPN). I'll be going into schooling as a full time student starting in January.

3. I will most likely open up to limited commission slots during down times when schooling isn't hectic, so keep a look out.

4. I lost my eldest brother in October to a massive heart attack over in South Korea and after insurance jerked everyone around for a month, laid him to rest in November.

5. I am surving and dealing with Type 2 Diabetese quite well. 

6. I have a lot of scattered art projects that are slowly getting completed as time allows, hoping to get caught up by sometime in January or February.

Stay safe out there everyone, enjoy life, be responsible and be kind!



Posted by CafeCorgi - July 13th, 2020

So, after six months, a few things have happened.

  1. I found that I am really not geared for YCH art. So that attempt fell apart.
  2. Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic.
  3. Found full time work as a Hospital Greeter/Temp Taker.

So what this means is, I'll still take normal commission requests and while waiting I'll be adjusting to work schedules, sleep schedules and managing my diabetes. Art may slow down as I get only 1 day off to myself.


Posted by CafeCorgi - February 1st, 2020

My long spell of quietness was due to gearing up for offering my services in the art commission arena for Icons! More services will open up during the year. For now, Icon Commissions are Officially Open!

Terms of Service in the link:



Posted by CafeCorgi - January 14th, 2020

Just had a blast being being interviewed as an artist on a Twitch Channel tonight. Was fun to do and great for networking. Check it out at the Twitch link. Youtube link in a few days when they are done sprucing it up. This is a joy to me as I will be pushing to have things ready to allow people to commission art from me by the end of January (Fingers Crossed)