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CafeCorgi's News

Posted by CafeCorgi - April 23rd, 2019

Well, tried a strap for tennis elbow strain. It's not really working. The brace I was wanting, when we measured my fore arm, the largest size brace from the company will not fit my forearm. So, I am just going back to drawing and will just try not to over do things at work and home. Plus hug lots of Ibuprofen. Hope you all will enjoy the art I work on. 

Posted by CafeCorgi - April 15th, 2019

Due to my new job this last month as a prep cook and general helping hand, I've developed tendinitis in right elbow and need to rest my right arm while saving up for a support sports brace. The brace will help alleviate the strain and allow my elbow to heal even when working. For now, it's a case of rest it as much as possible and lots of ibuprofen. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be back to drawing with new creativity. 


Posted by CafeCorgi - January 10th, 2019

Blows dust off of NG Account. I do live, just last year and the start of this year was a severe drop kick to the butt in all things creative and the confidence to share anything drawn. But not anymore. Will be working on uploading lots of things I've drawn. Hope you all enjoy it. Oh and I have two new logos. An updated Cafe Corgi one and a new artistic name/logo for all things illustrative not dealing with corgi's, Legacy of Logan's Matrices (LLM). All work posted is mine, just look for my signature scrawl. Hehe. Will get to posting in a few days! See you then!



Posted by CafeCorgi - March 1st, 2017

Slowly carving away at a list of art projects. Also, curious, I know I posted up an Adult rated art peice that was anthropomorphic. I am unsure how that is viewed around here. That type of content is being phased out more and more in my galleries and reptoir as I aim for more story driven and illustrative pieces.

Posted by CafeCorgi - February 8th, 2017

Now that I've blown the dust off of my first post back in October *coughs a bit on said dust* I am getting a feel for New Ground and how to function within it. It has been an interesting day, even though its a sick day from work, just poking art from others, viewing, seeing if I can be helpful, and in the process seeing others stumbling over my own in the unsponsored side and seeing the fascination which helps steer my next uploads. I have a lot of artwork I've done since 2006 till now but not all of it is, well, in my opinion worth uploading or sometimes, as we artists get self-critical, feel sometimes not interesting. I am finding that feeling proven wrong often and I am happy for it! I will keep digging around for more work to post that is worth while as I continue to work on my new projects this year.

Posted by CafeCorgi - October 5th, 2016

Came across Newgrounds being mentioned for more than just games and figured I'd give it a shot for expressing my artwork. I'll get some works uploaded once my head stops hurting from a weather front. Hope you all will enjoy various things I post. Cafe-Corgi is a new art name for me to help me feel more creative and less chained down in my creative expressions. I mention this as you may be seeing older works of art from me and will most likely notice they have the art names of either Fleetwolf Creations (FWC) or Lupinoss Studios (LS). These are all me and something of a transition period as I keep working to explore things. As long as you see my signature for Sean M. Walley, rest assured I drew it. Just wanted to clear that up just in case anyone had questions. Ciao for now while I go lay back down.