2017-02-08 14:18:05 by CafeCorgi

Now that I've blown the dust off of my first post back in October *coughs a bit on said dust* I am getting a feel for New Ground and how to function within it. It has been an interesting day, even though its a sick day from work, just poking art from others, viewing, seeing if I can be helpful, and in the process seeing others stumbling over my own in the unsponsored side and seeing the fascination which helps steer my next uploads. I have a lot of artwork I've done since 2006 till now but not all of it is, well, in my opinion worth uploading or sometimes, as we artists get self-critical, feel sometimes not interesting. I am finding that feeling proven wrong often and I am happy for it! I will keep digging around for more work to post that is worth while as I continue to work on my new projects this year.


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