Entry #1

Getting set up.

2016-10-05 17:35:07 by CafeCorgi

Came across Newgrounds being mentioned for more than just games and figured I'd give it a shot for expressing my artwork. I'll get some works uploaded once my head stops hurting from a weather front. Hope you all will enjoy various things I post. Cafe-Corgi is a new art name for me to help me feel more creative and less chained down in my creative expressions. I mention this as you may be seeing older works of art from me and will most likely notice they have the art names of either Fleetwolf Creations (FWC) or Lupinoss Studios (LS). These are all me and something of a transition period as I keep working to explore things. As long as you see my signature for Sean M. Walley, rest assured I drew it. Just wanted to clear that up just in case anyone had questions. Ciao for now while I go lay back down.




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2016-10-06 08:58:17

It's worth a LONG shot!!! Well, welcome to NG! So far pretty impressive work.

CafeCorgi responds:

Thanks for the encouragement. Sorry for the very, oof, long delay. Life's been rather rough. Back around to working on my account here again!